Kids Database of the Month: Early World of Learning

Kids Database of the Month: Early World of Learning

Online databases are something that can easily be accessed for free with your Handley Regional Library System library card. World Book Encyclopedia's Early World of Learning is an educational resource perfect for your toddler, preschooler, or early elementary little one. This free digital database is a child’s first encyclopedia, eBook, and introduction to core early concepts. With read-aloud across all functions, the 60 stories in “World of Reading” and “Trek’s Travels” tie learning together through videos, games, and printable activities. Twelve stories are available in both Spanish and English that correlate to Lexile Reading Levels, and the worksheets also offer written instructions in Spanish. Classic songs, nursery rhymes, and fairy tales complete the program and are often included in the lesson plan for each story. This is a great tool to add to your little one's back-to-school toolbox to help them be stronger learners! There is so much to explore!

laptop with early world of learning database on screenTo Access This Database of the Month: 

  1. On the library's main web page, click on the purple hexagon that says 'Kids', which will take you to the Kids Zone web page. 
  2. Select the green arrow that says 'Research & Education'.
  3. A list of online databases geared towards kids will appear. Select 'Early World of Learning'.
  4. Explore all of the great resources through this online database detailed below. Sign in with your library card.





Do you have a little one that loves to learn? In this section, you can choose from a series of thematic cards that go through different facts, such as facts about Amazing Animals, Your Body, or Creepy-Crawlies. Illustrated pictures accompany the cards that include question marks on them. After clicking on a question mark, a fact is read aloud that pertains to the picture.


In this section, you can select "Trek's Travels" or "Welcome to Reading" which offer a wide variety of easy reader books to be read aloud to you.

  • In "Trek's Travels" a friendly scarecrow named Trek loves to read, travel, and learn. You can join him and on his travels in his many books. These books offer a click play option or a next page play option. Books can also be read aloud in English or En Español. 

  • In "Welcome to Reading" you can choose from reading levels A, B, C, or D. These books are then read aloud as the digital reader highlights each word they are saying.    


In this section, you can learn by watching videos of real life things. These clips vary in length and content. For example, you can watch how a garbage truck operates or see how a dolphin swims in the ocean. There are overall themes that organize the videos, including a 'Big Ideas' theme, which has videos that go over Consonants or Rhyming, to name a few.      


Who doesn't like to play online games as they learn? Four game themes display on your screen in this section.

  • "Put the Story in Order" challenges you to practice your reading comprehension and sequencing skills. Try to put the story in its correct reading order by dragging the cards to the order box.
  • "Concentration" helps build stronger memory muscles by finding the correct matching card. After all are matched, the image underneath appears!
  • "Multiple Choice" allows the reader to help finish the story by choosing from multiple answers to drag and drop to fill in the blank. Can you find the missing word?
  • "Sorting" helps work on building words correctly with your eyes and ears, such has Long Vowel Sounds or Middle Sounds: Consonants. After selecting a theme, you are shown a series of pictures with vowel sound buckets to drag and drop the picture with the correct sound into. You can also choose to hear what the picture is showing in order to properly hear the sounds that make up the word.


Multiple subjects are included in this section that go with many different kinds of coloring pages. These pages can be shown in English or En Español. You can download the image(s) or print right there with a simple click of a button.


After clicking on the green frog in the lower right hand corner, the frog turns into a prince and takes you to a Fairy Tale Land. This magical place is where you can explore the Fairy Tale / Nursery Rhyme Classics you know and love. Have stories and rhymes read aloud to you, where you can choose to download the audio recording to take with you later, or sing along to the classic songs that are included. You can also download these songs to keep!


All of the fun doesn't have to be just for kids! This online database is a wonderful tool for educators and parents, alike. Early World of Learning contains five major components, each targeting a critical area of the development of young learners in early elementary grades. Tools are included to better assist your child's learning and they navigate this site. Click on the bottom arrow for much more!


To continue getting your little one ready for school, search the library catalog for #ABC books or #123 books to continue practicing the alphabet and number system.

Should you have any questions or concerns with how to use Early World of Learning, call the Youth Services Department at any Handley Regional Library System branch. Check out this great video from the Michigan eLibrary demonstrating more of how to use this database. Have fun learning!