#LookToLibraries Campaign Guides Parents through Tough Topics

#LookToLibraries Campaign Guides Parents through Tough Topics

The American Library Association (ALA) has compiled great resources for parents and caregivers to help children navigate these challenging times in a campaign called #LookToLibraries.

Click here to access a Media Mentorship’s Tip Sheet. Look to a children’s library professional for help finding excellent resources to help monitor children and digital devices and their content.

Click here to Read this great blog about the technology debate vs. children: Should children have access to technology and how much?

Near and dear to our heart, this is a great article about Sparking a Love of Lifelong Learning Early at the Public Library. Click here to access the article.

As your children grow, they may be less interested in story time and, sadly, possibly the library. This great article investigates keeping children engaged at the library as they age out of story time.

There are so many resources for parents, teachers, and caregivers help children deal with Covid-19. Click here to access great apps, blogs, and activities to give a children a boost to dealing with this stressful situation.

Access this great brochure with several suggestions for Comforting Reads for Difficult Times for kids. Your library can help you through the toughest topics and issues. Click here to read the brochure.

Did you know that your library is a great resource beyond books? Come in and ask, and we will be sure to try to help! Thank you, ALA, for this great campaign, #LookToLibraries!