Back to School Help for Students, Families, and Teachers

Back to School Help for Students, Families, and Teachers

Handley Regional Library System has announced a special initiative to their entire service area (Clarke and Frederick Counties and Winchester City) focused on providing students, parents/caregivers, and teachers back to school help with resources available from their local library. 

The library system has launched a webpage and a video at to show the featured and most-requested services for students, teachers, and families including research and homework help, talking points for adults as they navigate the COVID-19 epidemic with children, remote printing, T-Mobile hotspot devices for free internet at home, ways to access eBooks for virtual learning, and more.

Featured Back to School Help:

  • Digital Resources for Teens featuring homework help, streaming for Ebooks, audiobooks, and movies, language learning and additional online courses for supplemental learning, and remote printing.
  • PrintME remote printing where families can print lessons at home and pick them up at Handley or Bowman Libraries.
  • T-Mobile Hotspots for free internet at home with unlimited data.

“This is a time when the community is looking to their local libraries more than ever,” says John Huddy, Director of Handley Regional Library System.  “We are seeing an increase in requests from families, students, and local schools for ways to help.  We take each request seriously and are working diligently to provide access to the right library service – in addition to our books - to help students whether they are learning at home or online,  for teachers or caregivers seeking additional support as they teach in different environments.  A lot has changed due to this pandemic, but Handley Regional Library System’s focus on education and the community stays the same.  We are here to help.”

This initiative follows September’s National Library Sign-up Month where libraries across the US celebrate the value and importance of having a library card.  “One of the best school supplies a student can have is a library card.  We are looking at ways to work closer with area schools to give cards to students so they can access everything their public library has to offer in addition to the resources they are receiving from their own schools.

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