Walking Mall Poet Virtual Program and Personal Poetry Sessions

Walking Mall Poet Virtual Program and Personal Poetry Sessions

You may be one of the fortunate that have seen the Walking Mall Poet, Joseph M. Jablonski, in action on the downtown Walking Mall in Winchester.  He writes personalized poems on the spot with his manual typewriter.   The Friends of the Handley Regional Library System is offering two ZOOM sessions with registration required on the library website, both free and open to the public, where you can meet him and have a personal poetry session.

Program 1:  This program begins with a 30-minute interview with the poet.  After this, there will be six 15-minute appointments reserved for private poetry.  In your private session, a poem will be created, and participants can have their copied mailed to them or pick them up at Handley Library - their choice and at no cost.  There will be a camera mounted directly over the typewriter so you can see the poem created right before your eyes.

Program 2:  This features private poetry sessions with registration required. 


Walking Mall Poet Q&A Followed by Private Poetry Sessions                                    

October 7th 6PM-8PM on Zoom:  www.handleyregional.org/walkingpoet                                 

Walking Mall Poet Private Sessions                                                                                            

October 14th   6PM-8PM on Zoom:  www.handleyregional.org/personalpoet                                                 


Joseph M. Jablonski, performing under the name “Walking Mall Poet” has been creating live typewritten art and poetry on the Old Town Winchester Walking Mall for nearly a year and a half, and has been writing poetry for the past five years. He likes poetry, including Haikus, Sonnets, and Free Verse. He works on any topic, often writing love poems, but has been able to write to help with grief, celebration, mystery, surprise and joy He has said that the words of a fellow poet linger in his mind in the midst of COVID. “You are the historian of how it feels.”

Funding has been provided by Virginia Humanities and the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) as part of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act economic stabilization plan of 2020.